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Awarded Best in Staffing for Client Satisfaction, Adam&Eve INC helps companies customize business applications, develop software, manage their IT infrastructure, and design and engineer technology products. We integrate individuals and teams into our clients’ workforce through SOW and IT Staffing. Our competitive advantage is our strict approach to quality service including only carefully introducing technology professionals that are a correct match for our clients. Use our contract IT staffing services to add technology professionals to your team for a period of time.

Contract IT Staffing is ideal if you need to

Flexible Solutions

We give flexible business solutions for all kind of your business needs to grow your business.

24/7 Client Support

Keep your business moving with 24/7 tech support that gets your people back to work fast.

Creative Ideas

Partner with us to get a creative business ideas to delight your customers.

Simplify global employment of any scale or structure

Adam And Eve are your eyes and ears on the ground! Our in-country expertise covers compliance, payroll, benefits, and more. We help you onboard the perfect hire, comply with labour laws, and take care of payments.

Contract IT consulting

* Contract IT consulting provides consultants who bring in high levels of expertise to guide initiatives, provide technical expertise, and transfer knowledge.
* Bring in high-level resources such as Program Managers, Project Managers, and Architects who can play key roles in projects.
* Provide a high-level of expertise in specific technology areas.
* Assess systems or technologies and make recommendations.
* Evaluate and improve technology development processes.
* Analyze and improve business processes and their interactions with technology.

Contract-to-Hire IT Staffing

Adam&Eve INC provides a contract technology professional and the client can hire the person after they have proven themselves on the job. Companies use our Contract-to-Hire Services when they want Adam&Eve INC to find a professional that they can hire after a trial period.

Direct Hire IT Staffing

Adam&Eve INC provides candidates for a client’s open position. The client hires one of the candidates and pays a placement fee. Companies use our Direct Hire services when they want Adam&Eve INC to find a technology professional that they can hire immediately – without a contract period through Adam&Eve INC. Adam&Eve INC will provide appropriate candidates, the company will select who they want to hire, and Adam&Eve INC charges a placement fee.

Statement of Work

Adam&Eve INC completes projects or manages responsibilities for a client company according to a Statement of the Work contract. The project sizes can range from one consultant to large teams. The work is done with a Professional Services Agreement and a Statement of Work (SOW) that defines the purpose, scope of the work, location of the work, timelines, project-specific activities, deliverables, special requirements, etc.


When a client wants to work with a resource but not to hire the person as a regular employee, Adam & Eve INC can provide them on a contract basis. Companies sometimes have a person they would like to work with on a temporary basis and therefore it does not make sense for them to hire the person as a full-time employee. It can be tempting to work with an individual like this on a 1099 basis, but it is not advised for many legal and HR reasons. Adam & Eve INC provides a solution. Adam & Eve INC can hire the individual, usually as a W-2 employee of Adam & Eve INC, and provide the person to the company on a temporary contract basis.

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